Why Choose Us

Started out in 2008, and since then have developed into a more versatile and powerful team. We’re the best in Sydney, and in any slim case we miss something, you’re warranted for almost all of our services. Using tried and true tools, years of experience and a bit of ingenuity, we take care of any issue within our power. We deal with all pests, do building inspections, termite management, and more. Our services are not only residential, but also commercial and always available to help you out wherever you need us.

Who We Are

ASRS Building and Pest Solutions, we’re a strong company of experienced people ready to serve you and protect your home.

What We Do

Quality services in the realms of Building and Pest Inspections, termite management, pest control and more.

How We Do It

By always using quality materials, measuring and dispersing correctly, and putting our full attention on the job. We won’t let you down.

At ASRS, you will receive:

  • High quality service, with guaranteed results
  • Licensed and experienced professionals to work hard for you
  • Dependable service, completed on time to a high degree
  • Informative and helpful advice for prevention and care measures

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